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  2. Gold Investing as a Survival Strategy – Don’t Buy the Hype!
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After the shag I call that phase 1, survival.

Free live gold price, live silver price, charts, news

Phase two after maybe even myself and you die then gold and silver come in. It is amazing how all these gold and silver pitchmen never adress survival. My dear departed dad was an underground gold miner for 32 years. He was trained in explosives wish I was too! Once in a rare while, there was visible gold after a blast. With his dry sense of humour, he would tell me.. Still makes me smile thinking about that. I miss you Dad. Julie Andrea. The question is not will gold have value?

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Of course it will! The thing that investing and depending upon gold in a SHTF scenario is how in the middle of absolute anarchy would you use it. True you cannot eat gold, but as for me, I am still buying gold and silver. What happens if after a big crash and society manages to fix its self? Try buying food or paying rent with water. The way people are gold will always have value and can be used as currency, it may drop low like the stock market crash in the event of a disaster, but it will jump up when things get fixed. Then you might make it. Having an access of anything, in a real economic collapse, makes you a bigger target for those around you.

Think you can stay where you are and defend your stuff? All of this crap about stocking up on supplies and gold is giving you a false sense of security. How long do you think you can last before terrified and hungry people start coming to take your stuff? A week? A month?

Gold Investing as a Survival Strategy – Don’t Buy the Hype!

Even if you live out in the country. How long will it be before thousands of hungry people start leaving the city and roaming the country side looking for shelter and food? All they dealt with was a few hundred coordinated people with rifles. Change those situations to hundreds then thousands of hungry people and then think if you have the man-power to guard a perimeter 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Watch shows by Les Stroud and Bear Grylls.

Read books or websites that teach personal survival. Learn the principals of the Light Infantry ie staying off roads, avoiding populated areas, getting to staying in the wood line.

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  5. Understand that survival is NOT about how much stuff you have to defend, but about how much stuff you can carry. Understand that survival from thousands or millions of hungry people will require you to be nomadic. Change your thinking about survival. What about medical supplies? Plus, which first aid kit should you get? The big one? The really big one? Which one is best?

    Do a little research to find out the absolute essentials needed in a survival first aid kit. Taking a Red Cross standard first aid class is worth a lot more than gold. In short, prepare to go mobile. Prepare as if you will need to go on foot. Plan the quickest and safest routes from your front door to the woods.

    3 Reasons You Shouldn't Stock Precious Metals - Survival Cache

    Plan at least three routes OUT of town. This means you AND your family. Everyone on foot, quietly, expediently, and smartly. Avoiding any authorities if any still exist at that point and contact with other people.

    source link Survive on your own or with your immediate family. Well I just told you how to truly prepare for the worst. Who am I? I was a Light Infantry Soldier that had the opportunity to get some of the best survival training that is available; also served in Iraq for a year. Koresh had to deal with flame throwing tanks. You are obviously the smartest person on the planet. I kneel in your presence. You will always find plentiful game. You soldier worshippers crack me up.

    The movie the hunger games were made for a purpose. One bullet can end it all. I have scouted my area for over a month and it would be very easy to choke off all exits. You said watch videos on Bear Grylls, that guy did things that would kill a normal average person. He also did things that disposed to much energy. His survival skills will get people killed. Les Stroud is a better source, but Bear Grylls was a moron and should not be listened to. Plus the military does not really do things in the woods that involves survival. That is be a combatant or in a stationary defense position.

    The most likely option, go into a breakdown and mostly likely die. I hunt every year and most of the military have not experienced hunting before.

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    Hunting a deer or any other animal is a whole different story than hunting a human. I also know a good deal of survival skills. I really want to start training myself in all survival areas. Your advice is wise, but it will take a while to learn survival. Do you know where I could get that training other than the military?

    The bible states do not store up the things of this earth that will rust or be stolen. So the way I see it gold will be of no use when everything collaspes. But food and clothing, water anything that you can use for bartering purposes should be what you store and above all be spirituley ready and be right with God because he will be the only one that can put protection around us. I have stored food and water. But I know that I can trust God to help me and that he expects me to stock what I can afford to do and he will do the rest through faith in him.