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I) Before the Republic
  1. Star Force: Rebellion 3 by Nora Roberts and B. V. Larson (2013, CD, Unabridged)
  2. Rebellion (Star Force, #3) by B.V. Larson
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It also introduces a lost tribe of Sith making is way back into the fold of the galaxy and has its own enthralling history. When Han learns Leia is considering the marriage proposal of Hapan Prince Isolder it kicks off a series of events that result in a journey to the planet Dathomir and a confrontation with the warlord Zsinj. The book also introduces the Hapes cluster and the witches and Nightsisters of Dathomir, both of which end up repeatedly appearing in the Expanded Universe.

What Empire revealed made a number of aspects in the book no longer work. Luke and Leia go on a mission for the alliance and end up searching for the Kaiburr crystal, ultimately leading to the heroes facing Darth Vader. The books include a number of surprising and heartbreaking character deaths that add to the emotional stakes, as the family has to come to terms with what they have to do to stop Jacen, especially his twin Jaina.

Set close after Revenge of the Sith, this novel follows Darth Vader as he came into his own in his new role as a deadly Sith Lord. Vader struggles as he transitions into the infamous villain fans know. Another tie-in novel to the video game, this book recounts the attack on the Jedi Temple seen in the Old Republic trailer.

Malgus must face a Jedi Knight out for revenge as well as his own weaknesses as the Sith Empire and the Republic come closer to a peace that he believes will be disastrous for the Sith. This famous line Yoda says in The Phantom Menace first referred to the now well-known rule of two followed by the Sith. The history of that rule and the Sith who created it, Darth Bane, is explored in this masterful trilogy.

The two continue the work of the Sith all while remaining under the radar of the Jedi as Bane begins to question whether his apprentice Darth Zannah is strong enough to carry out his legacy. This massive 19 book series is often a controversial one among fans, but its epic story and compelling character development earn it the number two spot on my list.

The series introduces a new threat to the entire galaxy: the Yuuzhan Vong.. It sets the stage for the future of the book franchise, and hints at the paths many of the characters will take later on. While some books within the series are certainly better than others, as a whole, the series stands out as one of the best and biggest accomplishments undertaken in the Expanded Universe. The engrossing story saw Thrawn leading remnants of the Empire against the New Republic as his ally, Dark Jedi clone Joruus C'baoth, goes after Luke and Leia, who is pregnant with the twins.

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The trilogy keeps the spirit of the original three films while successfully expanding Star Wars lore and left fans wanting more Star Wars stories. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content. Latest Stories.

Tag: TV. Bloodwork in a battle of the mind in the latest Flash. Tag: Movies. Tag: Fangrrls. Lisa Granshaw LisaGranshaw. Oct 2, In an early, odd wrinkle, the last Star Wars comic published by Dark Horse is included as part of modern canon. Fans of The Clone Wars animated series are the only ones who need apply, but I did want to make sure to include the series as part of the new canon. You will not be confused if you skip this series and leap ahead to the first new Marvel comics.

Star Force: Rebellion 3 by Nora Roberts and B. V. Larson (2013, CD, Unabridged)

You can read the first full trade before either title, and imagine this is her first mission prior to her appearance in Star Wars 1. Chewbacca 1 to 5. Collect Star Wars Vol. Collect Darth Vader Vol. Collect Star Wars: Vader Down. If you like Comic Book Herald, and are able to donate, any small contribution will help keep CBH alive and full of new comics guides and content.

Donate here! Or you can even check out the CBH Merch store and get something nice with a small portion benefiting the site! Just by accident I found that there are a few books that are not appearing here on the list neither in the new canon list :. Thanks for this!!! Now that the new Darth Maul book is out, will you update the canon stuff? Thanks again!!! So let me help out there. Note that I do the whole new canon, so pick out the comics if you want. Also, can you updated to reflect the recent as well?

There is a flipbook edition containing issue 0 of knights of old republic AND 0 of Rebelion together. It would really be much appreciated to have some annotations as to authors and artists and perhaps even notability. So if you really wanted to put them on the timeline, you would put them right after each of the movie headers. KotOR ends in before the battle of Yavin that is, 2 years before the end of the Mandalorian Wars but the next series in the timeline is the Old Republic, which starts about years after that.

You are most welcome!

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It only has minor similarities with the video game series. Similar Locations and stuff like that. The first half of the series is really good.

Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion #5: Behind Enemy Lines - A Fan Audio Drama

The second half is still worth reading but it feels like the series kind of loses its way. So your missing all the canon comics…. Just so you know, may want to make another tab or something on those…. I like to think of the Legends stories as similar to that line. Great list and video! I believe to reading order of the issues of Before the Republic is wrong. Force War should be after Prisoner of Bogan. That said, as a newbie to this universe of comics, this list is super helpful. Thanks for all the work! I have really been enjoying the Knights of the Old Republic series, and I am looking for a good series to burn through afterwards.

Do Marvel Unlimited really not have star wars republic ? This then gets replaced with Dark Times which is on your list, I just find it odd that Dark Times and Star Wars are on there but not the middle chapter. There is some cross-spoillage between Republic and Jedi. Give me all the Leia books.

Rebellion (Star Force, #3) by B.V. Larson

All of them. Also give me all the Claudia Gray Star Wars books. Put the two together? This is the story of Leia Organa as a teenager, going through the process of preparing to prove her worthiness as the heir to the throne of Alderaan. When she notices her parents acting secretive, she takes it upon herself to find out why…and has to decide whether she wants to be part of history or not. As a bonus, we also see the origins of her friendship with Amilyn Holdo in this book! A teenage queen with a cadre of handmaidens?

There have to be some stories there. Thankfully, we finally got one.

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Set on Batuu, this is the story of Izzy and Jules, childhood friends long separated. When Izzy returns to Batuu to deliver a package, she runs into Jules, who never left. Yup, another Claudia Gray book. This was one of the books that it was suggested I start with in the Star Wars galaxy. The story follows Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree, both of whom love flying. They eventually enroll in the Imperial Academy, which was a dream of both of theirs. Slowly, the Empire loses its appeal for Thane, and he leaves to join the Rebellion—while Ciena stays to become an Imperial pilot.

As enemies, will they ever be together again? Golden excels at bringing humanity to the dark side.