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Acta 47 2 Meerwein, H. Uebigs Ann.

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Acta 52 4 Stevenson, P. TetFahedron Left. Evaporation of the solvent gave 1. Evaporation and distillation gave 6. Acta 14 4 Reichstein, T. Acta 15 ; ; 5 Cambie, R. O O Oauau20 ,,N ,q. Aldnchimica Acta 15 23 8 Evans, D. Chromatography silica gel, hexane afforded 1. Tetrahedron 45 6 Feldman, K. Synlett Vinylcyclopentenes 3a and 3b.

1 Introduction

By additional chromatography in the same system individual stereoisomers could be isolated. Cyclization ene reaction of unsaturated allyl Grignard reagents, see also Feldman see 1st edition. After deuterolysis one obtains By heating the Grignard mixture, for 24 h in a sealed tube, the thermally more stable trans isomer of 3 was obtained. The Ni catalyzed ene cyclization also can be performed starting with octadienyl halides and conversion to 2.

Chapter Organic Synthesis - Chemistry LibreTexts

Jo Heterocyclic Chem. The cooled mixture was extracted with Et20, the extract washed and the solvent evaporated to give 5. Ac20 Perkin Trans I Ferder, R. Carbohydrate Chem. C 3 Ferder, R.

C 4 Fraser-Reid, B. Perkin I 6 Balasubramanian, K. Neutralization of the catalyst, filtration of the solids and removal of the solvent left a syrup which on trituration with EtOH gave 2. Phenylthiopyranoside 3. After the solution was stirred for 30 min, the solid was filtered, the filtrated evaporated in vacuum and the residue chromatographed petroleum ether:EtOAc This afforded a mixture of Recrystallization from hexane:Et20 gave pure 4a. Synthesis 6 Drechsel, E. A suspension of 4 1.

After evaporation of the solvent, the residue was extracted with hexane. Usual work up afforded Perkin I 2 Olofson, R. To a mixture of 4 mg; 0.

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Synthesis 7 Noyori, R. Silica gel chromatography afforded InL Ed. O 3 H20 1 Freeman, P. Across Organica Acta 1 37 6 Freeman, P. Tetrahedron 52 LiDBB 2. Diol 5. A mixture of 2,3-dichloropropene 3 mg; 1 mmol and cyclohexanone 4 49 mg; 0. Usual work up, evaporation of the solvent and recrystallization from MeOH mL afforded Synthesis 7 Price, C. After 12 h reflux the resin was filtered, the solvent evaporated and the residue recrystallized from hexane to give 1. Synlett 2-Ethylmethoxymethylquinoline 5. After 2 h stirring, DMF 0. Synthesis 4 Martin, A.

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Tetraheclron 43 6 Weiss, R. AICIz The cooled mixture was quenched with conc. HCI mL and ice g. Aryl alkyl ketone 4. J Modtari, I. P h 1 Fujiwara, Y. Under stirring benzophenone 1 rag; 1 mmol in THF 2 mL was added, followed by phenylacetonitrile 5 mg; 1 mmol. The mixture was treated with conc HCI 10 mL and refluxed with stirring for 2 h.

Evaporation of the solvent and distillation from KOH gave A mixture of 3 mg, 0. Adamantane carbonitdle 4 4. After 10 h stirring the precipitate was filtered 5. After 10 min, ethyl methylthioacetate 3 5. TEA 4 4. The mixture was allowed to warm to room temperature, water 50 mL was added and the organic layer was evaporated. Fitration afforded 6. A solution of 6 2.

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The supernatant and the washing solution were evaporated to dryness, The residue was dissolved in CH2CI2 20 mL , the solution dried MgSO4 , filtered and evaporated to give 1. Soc Krems, I. N HCI.. After decantation the residue was crystallized from water mL to give Heterocyclic Chem. Perkin 1 6 Curran, D. Perkin 1 7 Giese, B. A solution of 5 5. Tetrahedron 42 5 Dieter, R. Symlett 6 Posner, G. Gdgnard reagent 4 80 p L, 1. Cyclohexenone 3 L, 1. Synlett 3 Garcia-Martinez, A. Synlett 1,1-Difluorooctane 4. Pads 2 13 3 Stansbury, H. Synthesis 5 Straus, F. U Proc. Synthesis 16 Stephens,R. Synthesis 19 Schintzer, D.

Synthesis 20 Sonogashiro, K. Synthesis 23 Rychnovsky, S. After 3h stirring and reflux, Cu2CI2 mg, 2.

An International Journal for Rapid Communication of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Cyclohexadeca-1,3,9,tetrayne 7. After recrystallization from petroleum ether, there was obtained 1. The cooled mixture was diluted with water. The precipitate was filtered and washed with water and dried. Chromatography silica gel cyclohexane : Et20 1 : 3 afforded 3. A mixture of triflate 13 mg, 0. Carbazole synthesis by intramolecular aryl-aryl bond formation see 1st edition.

click here Tetrahedron Lett 34 1 Gomberg, M. Acta 5 , 3 Hibbert, H. Filtration and drying afforded Oxime 5.