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  1. Free Grammar Worksheet - Homophones
  2. Free Grammar Worksheet - Homophones
  3. Smashwords – My Aunt Ate Eight Ants! - A book by Dawn Maria Brady - page 1
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See how fast you can read the challenging, tongue twisting, sentences aloud.

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Dawn Maria wrote this for her own children to assist in the concept and mastery of homonyms. When she was a child, it was difficult to grasp the spellings and meanings of words that sounded the same.

Free Grammar Worksheet - Homophones

This was an answer to that hurdle. Most of all, please enjoy many precious moments with your wonderful children. Time will pass no matter what you do, so make it count. Here at Walmart.

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    Free Grammar Worksheet - Homophones

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    The Ants Go Marching #2 - featuring The Bumble Nums - Super Simple Songs

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    Smashwords – My Aunt Ate Eight Ants! - A book by Dawn Maria Brady - page 1

    Book Format: eBook. Digital delivery to your. Queen offspring ant develop from larvae specially fed in order to become sexually mature among most species.

    Depending on the species, there can be either a single mother queen, or potentially hundreds of fertile queens in some species. Queen ants have one of the longest life-spans of any known insect — up to 30 years. Ants go through four stages of development: egg , larva , pupa sometimes cocoon, called metamorphosis depending on the species and adult.

    During this stage, the level of care and nourishment the larvae receive will determine their eventual adult form. When resources are low, all larvae will develop into female worker ants; [4] however, if the parent of a sexually reproducing colony has a plentiful supply of food, some of the larvae will receive better nourishment than others, and develop into winged, sexually mature female ants destined to leave the colony. At this stage, the winged female ants are sometimes known as "princess ants".

    When conditions are hot and humid after rain and there is minimal wind, masses of winged sexually reproducing ants or " flying ants " will leave their parent nest and take flight. The female "queen" ants will fly a long distance, during which they will mate with at least one winged male from another nest. He transfers sperm to the seminal receptacle of the queen and then dies. Once mated, the "queen" will attempt to find a suitable area to start a colony and, once found will detach her wings.


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    Once a colony is established, the worker ants meet the queen's needs such as giving her food and disposing of her waste. Because ant social structure is very complex and individual ants are relatively simple, an ant colony can be thought of as a single organism, and the individual ants as cells or limbs of the organism, as the individuals can rarely survive on their own. In a colony, some ants may be unrelated to the queen s , such as when a brood is captured in a raid and raised as the colony's own. Once the colony has established itself, the queen ant will lay eggs continuously. Among species that reproduce sexually, the queen selectively uses the sperm cells retained from the nuptial flight , laying fertile or unfertile eggs depending upon the cyclic needs of the colony; [8] the sex of each individual ant is determined by whether or not the egg is fertilized.

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    6. The fertile eggs become female worker ants and unfertilized eggs develop as males; if the fertilized eggs and pupae are well-nurtured, they potentially become queens.