Manual Leadership Assessment for Talent Development

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  2. This Checklist Gives Managers 4 Ways to Develop Their People

Leader Assessment & Development

Thanks so much. Healthcare Facility I have worked with CMP for several years and have always found their services to be excellent. They bring the same top-notch performance to all assignments, large or small.

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This Checklist Gives Managers 4 Ways to Develop Their People

By configuring the right measurements, we ensure:. To request a complimentary demonstration of our leader assessment capabilities and more information contact us.

The award promotes HR practices and initiatives that have been measured and determined successful through evidence-based, data-driven analyses. We then construct a competency model which is sensitive to your specific leadership needs, challenges and strategic vision for your organization and provide you with models which add economic value and allow you to identify leadership candidates with the highest potential for success in leadership.

The objective being to help clients to develop programs that provide leaders who deliver breakthrough performance in the particular job position or role in which they are placed.

Our approach to this is to first define the competency requirements of the specific positions that need to be filled. Typically this involves the development of a competency model of what differentiates superior from average performance in the job. This provides a valid picture of what is required currently for superior performance. This is particularly so if hard, objective outcome data is available to truly determine superior performance rather than relying on judgmental ratings or nominations.

The next step is to break down or operationalize the organizations overall strategy and what will be needed to be done specifically at the key task level in the target jobs. Based on this analysis a final competency model is developed which incorporates behavior needed in the future. Participants in the clients High Potential program are assessed against the model. Normally feedback is given during a custom designed workshop and extended follow on program of development activities.