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The thing to remember is not everybody gets their own way. None of us. Often finding common ground and a third way that provides a solution everyone can feel happy with. Daily, probably.

Manual Buddys Eye (The Endeavour Chronicles Book 0)

We all drive each other crazy. But it comes from a good place. Everyone cares so deeply about making it as good as it can be. You have to keep feeding the coal in, and make sure nothing derails it.

Manual Buddys Eye (The Endeavour Chronicles Book 0)

Television is an expensive business — and stopping production for whatever reason would be the equivalent of catastrophic engine failure. Immensely costly in terms of blood and treasure.

You live on your nerves from first to last. And that kind of comes back to the first dictum. Who challenges me to do my very best work? So, I tend to make the creative life as difficult as I can. Throw up roadblocks and obstacles. So the decisions one makes become almost independent. The choices made are subconscious.

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Forty-eight, seventy-two hours. Somewhere in there you reach an altered state without the aid of chemicals. The barriers break down, and the other guy comes out to play. The dark passenger. I find I can access some places — emotionally, and, er… in terms of memory, that I might not get to otherwise.

Your brain is overclocked. A kind of guided hallucination. Is this going to be the one where a full cylinder comes level with the hammer? DAMIAN: Aside from the absolutely cracking story and plot for CODA, what impressed me most, as always really, was the beautiful tender moments between characters such as the dialogue when Dorothea tries to comfort Mrs.

Thursday during the armed robbery, the exchange between Thursday and Trewlove when he gives her the cigarette and Strange stopping Max from wading into the bank. It always kills me to lose such things — and my heart bleeds for the actors. I fight for such moments all the way down the line, but all too often one has to bite the bullet. I know when I think it should end, and what that end will be, but we shall see….

Being a story with a pastoral flavour, the audience will need to winnow much chaff to obtain the wheat. Just seen the opening.

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The death of a child is always a serious business — but the circumstances of that death in this story just run through every moment so that the thing just aches with a sense of loss and grief. Only regret. And an early outing from Christopher Ecclestone, and the lovely Pat Heywood — such a fine actress.

And dear Oliver Ford-Davies. Amongst his finest. The last of my trio by Julian Mitchell. Again, directed by John Madden. Morse and Lewis transported. Strangers in a strange land. All the trappings stripped away, not just from Morse himself, but from the established identity of the series. It transcends the form. Madden said that he wanted the whole thing to build to a kind of High Noon finale — and he realised that brilliantly. So many treasures to enjoy across the film — the Matthews family funeral — that we plundered in CODA. That all the unfolding tragedy was down to his error.


ralph kern

In those days, there was no guarantee that series would return year on year, and so — with this final episode of Series 5, there was every possibility it would be the last. I think all of us who watched it at the time properly feared that Morse would not make it out of the final reel. And all of that was conveyed by the very simple device of Morse — for the first time — calling Lewis by his first name. He really deserved all the prizes as Joe Meek. A powerhouse of a performance.

Evans in there somewhere? Stupendous work.

Wood and Steel - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 58

A tragedy painted in heat and dust. And then that final exchange on the steps of the opera house. That eternal unbridgeable gulf between Morse and Lewis. The great man alone, trudging wearily up the stairs in hope of solace from his lifelong comfort. And Ted Childs, of course, and dear old Chris Burt. So, a happy memory all round. Weeks of kicking the story around with John Madden over at Shepperton. But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.

Somewhere out there still. Playing, and squabbling, and still fighting for a world worth saving. Now, drink up Lewis…. Much appreciated by all at TeamEndeavour. Another thirty years of Morse?

“Writing Teacher”

Who knows? Younger, better, infinitely smarter fingers will be upon the typewriter. But it all began with Colin Dexter. Vitai lampada.


Be honest, what do you think of it so far?