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  2. The Truth About the Law of Attraction | Psychology Today
  3. The flaw in attraction and commitment
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  5. Flaw and Tragedy in ‘The Happy Prince’ Captures the Complicated Life of Oscar Wilde

Think about what you want, feel it, then take a journey into your mind with the intention of discovering beliefs that object what you truly desire.

Acknowledge it. Once you discover the limiting belief or beliefs simply acknowledge it and name it. Judging or condemning only reinforces it. Ask it what its Highest purpose is.

ALL limiting beliefs have a reason for being there that some part of us believes is helpful. Thank it.

After you uncover the Highest purpose of the belief, make sure to thank it for doing its job so well and move into a willingness to let it go. Bust it. Take an inventory of your life and collect data that proves this belief has not always been true.

See a Problem?

Think about all the ways in which life has proven this belief wrong and use that as evidence to support you in releasing it. Upgrade it. Set an intention and keep your word! In order to create new patterns in your subconscious, it is necessary to consciously reinforce your new beliefs. These 7 steps will support you in being flawless in your understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Again, I share more examples in the video above.

The Truth About the Law of Attraction | Psychology Today

Remember, the Law of Attraction is not a formula or magic wand. Divine timing and our unique life curriculum play critical roles in how our destiny unfolds. But here is a guarantee you absolutely can buy into: as you let go of those heavy, untrue beliefs, your vibration will naturally lift and you will experience more love, joy, peace, acceptance and lots of other delicious feeling states. Join our growing community of mindful writers, and contributors.

The flaw in attraction and commitment

Follow your favorite authors and more! Select a topic. Join the Community or Sign in. But fear not! I am here to provide some much-needed clarity! It goes like this: Beliefs Thoughts Feelings Vibration Manifestation What you believe to be true about yourself, shapes the kind of thoughts you have.

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Flaw and Tragedy in ‘The Happy Prince’ Captures the Complicated Life of Oscar Wilde

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